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What Caused That Bump on Your Foot

A raised area on the bottom of the foot could be one of several things.

Calluses are the most common of the raised lesions. Warts are also quite common on the bottom of the foot. Probably the third most common reason for a raised area on the bottom of the foot is what we call a foreign body.

This term simply means something like a piece of glass or wood splinter got under the skin.

These three conditions are treated differently; however, treatment may look the same to the untrained eye. (Or These three conditions are treated differently. However, treatment may look the same to the untrained eye.

Knowing this, we are aware of just how incredibly common people opt for home remedies when it comes to a foot concern. Our intention is to help save you time and money by making you aware of what you might be dealing with.

We haven’t found a single Over-the-Counter product to solve any of these conditions, however, some have been known to cause more pain.

Anyone who has Diabetes should especially steer clear of using store-bought products for calluses, sores, or spots on the feet.

Treatments For The Bump on Your Foot

The easiest of these conditions to solve is the foreign body, by having it removed. Some can be done easily without needing Novacaine and some are deeper requiring local anesthesia.

Warts are always more difficult to solve the longer they’ve been there. Although there isn’t one magical cure for warts, we do have many options available to us.

Lastly, calluses often can’t be permanently cured. Finding the root cause of the calluses is mission number one. Certain foot types and genetics are common factors in callus development. Some calluses can be eliminated with orthotics and specific shoe recommendations but some unfortunately last a lifetime.

It would serve you best to have our foot doctor evaluate any raised or discolored bump or spot, painful or not, on the bottom of your foot.

Early diagnosis and treatment are always recommended.

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