What is causing pain in your foot

What if we told you that your foot problem may be coming from a faulty joint?

A joint is the space between two bones. Cartilage is on each side of the bone and what’s called synovial fluid is in the middle.

We hear so much in the medical world about the big joints like the shoulder, hip, and knee. Our world, the foot and ankle, don’t get as much attention even though there are so many more of these joints in a much smaller space.

By virtue of having so many bones, the foot has quite a few joints. Every one of them is subject to incredible stress with every step, hence injury from repetitive microtrauma. When pain is present and everything looks good both clinically and on an x-ray, a joint problem could be present. This scenario happens most often to the big toe joint and the ankle. Further advanced diagnostic imaging such as an MRI or CT scan can tell us more.

A micro-sized piece of cartilage broken off, only detected on advanced imaging, could be responsible for macro-sized pain.

If we conclude that your pain is from a joint, figuring out why is job number one for us.

Often, joint pain comes from a foot structure that is naturally putting too much stress in one spot. This happens a lot to multiple joints in someone who has flat feet.

Carrying extra weight, certain shoes, an over-ambitious exercise routine, and standing all day at work, are other reasons why joint problems can occur.

Foot or ankle pain not from an injury must be investigated for a possible joint problem.

The good news is that most joint maladies can be solved non-surgically as long as the condition is caught early enough.

Since replacing most foot joints isn’t an option, like it is with the knee and the hip, it’s even more important to get to the root of the problem quicker.

Keeping your foot and ankle joints healthy goes a long way toward keeping you moving effortlessly.

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Dr. Jennifer Keller
Roanoke, VA Foot and Ankle Podiatrist
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