Do you have high foot arches?

Causes of Foot Problems From High Arches

We write a lot about foot conditions caused by a flat foot type because many more foot problems arise due to flat feet (Pes Planus) than any other foot type.

The opposite of this foot type is high arches, otherwise known as Pes Cavus, and significantly fewer foot and ankle conditions are related to higher arches.

Here are a few common problems from high arches:

  1. Pain on the outside of the foot and ankle can occur from higher arches. 

  2. A callus on the bottom of the foot just behind the big toe is mostly caused by higher arches. 

  3. Ankle sprains are also more common from high arches

  4. Higher arches don’t absorb shock well, which can lead to low back pain.

When we make orthotics for higher arches we focus on shock absorption to relieve force on the entire lower extremity. We also recommend shoe brands that are known to absorb shock better.

Standing on a hard surface all day can be tough on feet with higher arches as much as lower arches. The more cushion you have under your feet, the better.

The heels and balls of the feet are especially subjected to greater amounts of pressure.

High-top shoes can protect the ankles more when the arches are high but usually don’t have enough cushion for shock absorption.

You may not know if a foot or ankle concern is caused by your specific foot type… but we will. So make sure to schedule an appointment with us today, and we’ll get you walking and standing comfortably again! 

To Healthy Feet! 

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Dr. Jennifer Keller
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