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General Foot Care

General Foot Care

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  • What is peripheral arterial disease?

    Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is common condition where narrowed arteries do not allow a normal level of blood flow to your limbs. This disease has widespread implications, but profoundly affects your feet and legs on account of their physical distance from the heart.

    Since your legs do not receive an adequate amount of blood flow, symptoms like leg pain and cramping frequently accompany PAD. In addition to these, other signs of this ailment include leg numbness, cold sensations, and sores that either heal slowly or not at all.

    The goals for treating this condition are to manage the symptoms and stop its progression. Treatment includes quitting smoking, eating well and exercising, as well as medications or surgery to increase function of the blood vessels.

    If this sounds like something you are experiencing, make an appointment with our Roanoke, VA office and we can create a treatment plan for you. Shenandoah Podiatry is here to help you and your family with any foot or ankle problems, so contact us today through our online form or by calling (540) 904-1458 for our Roanoke location.

  • Should I pop my blister?

    If you have developed a blister that is not causing any issues, you should simply let it run its course. Eventually, the fluid inside will be reabsorbed by your body and the skin on the outside will dry up and fall off.

    However, if you have developed a blister and live with diabetes, definitely do not attempt to pop it! Doing so creates a risk of infection that your immune system may not be equipped to effectively fight. Instead of popping blisters, a better course of action is to contact our office and let our foot professionals help you.

    If you are otherwise healthy and the blister is causing pain or severe discomfort, you can consider popping it. When you take this route, be sure to sterilize the needle with alcohol, wash the surrounding area beforehand, treat the area with antibacterial ointment afterwards, keep the external flap of skin intact, and cover it loosely with a bandage.

    When you need help with a troublesome blister, make an appointment with Shenandoah Podiatry and let the professionals handle it for you. Contact our Roanoke, VA office at (540) 904-1458 to schedule an appointment.

  • What is metatarsalgia?

    Metatarsalgia is a common injury in which the long bones that run along the ball of your foot—the metatarsals—become inflamed. This often causes a burning, aching, or sharp pain just beneath the toes. It might also feel like there is a stone in your shoe when you walk.

    Inflammation of the metatarsals often occurs as a result of overuse, especially with runners who regularly pound the ground with the fronts of their feet. Additional factors, including a tight Achilles tendon, flat feet, or improperly supportive footwear, can place excess pressure on the metatarsals and contribute to the problem.

    If you suffer pain in the ball of the foot that doesn’t improve after several days of rest, contact Dr. Jennifer Keller and the staff of Shenandoah Podiatry. We can properly determine the source of your discomfort and recommend treatments and lifestyle changes that can find your relief. Schedule an appointment with our Blacksburg office by calling (540) 808-4343 or our Roanoke office by calling (540) 904-1458.

  • Is this procedure going to hurt?

    Every procedure is a little different, and the same is true of everyone’s pain tolerance, so this really depends on each individual case. We take every precaution to make all of our procedures as painless as possible. When administering shots, for example, we use a cold spray to reduce any sensitivity towards feeling the needle. No matter what type of podiatric care we are providing for you, we will go slowly and carefully explain what we are doing. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, and we have found that this helps our patients.

    At Shenandoah Podiatry we do our best to provide top-notch foot and ankle care with the least amount of pain or discomfort for you. If you have a medical condition that requires our services, come to either our Roanoke or Blacksburg, VA, offices and see Dr. Jennifer Keller or Dr. Marshal Gwynn. Call (540) 904-1458 for an appointment at our Roanoke office, or (540) 808-4343 for our Blacksburg office, and get the care you need today!

  • Why is my Family History Important for foot care?

    Your family history provides our doctors with important insight into your health and that of your feet. You may have inherited conditions that can affect your feet, like diabetes or heart and circulatory problems. Biomechanical and structural issues that you are born with can cause any number of foot conditions, too. Knowing if you are prone to certain problems can not only help us treat them, but possibly prevent them from occurring in the first place. Your family history alerts us to possible complications that may arise as well. It also helps us to determine reasons behind issues that you are having, which in turn allows us to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

    To learn more, contact Dr. Jennifer Keller and Dr. Marshal Gwynn at Shenandoah Podiatry in VA. You can reach us by calling our Blacksburg office at (540) 808-4343, or by dialing (540) 904-1458 for our Roanoke location.