Ankle instability treatments with Roanoke foot and ankle doctor

With Valentine’s day just behind us, you may have gotten swept off your feet, or maybe your knees have gone weak… but if your ankles keep giving out, well, that’s not a sign of love—that’s a sure sign of ankle instability!

Why is this ankle instability happening? 

This condition typically occurs when an ankle injury doesn’t heal properly or if you’ve sprained your ankle numerous times. 

Arthritis can also be a culprit. The resulting symptoms can include pain, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, and that wobbly feeling like your ankle is about to give way—and sometimes, it just might!

Ironically, the ankle instability condition can make you prone to even more sprains, and the vicious cycle continues. To stop the madness, make an appointment with us! We can determine what’s behind your ankle instability problem and design a plan to solve it. 

What treatments can help ankle instability?

Treatments can include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, steroid injections, and supportive braces. In severe cases, surgical procedures to remove scar tissue or repair ligaments and tendons may be necessary.

We can also provide you with tips to keep you on your feet as well as ankle-strengthening exercises to help you walk without wobbling.

That way, the only time you’ll fall is when you fall in love. 

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