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Pregnancy and Feet

Many women suffer from foot pain during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you have to! There are several solutions to the varying types of pain you might be experiencing.

A few causes of foot pain during pregnancy are:

  • Increased weight

  • Foot instability

  • Swelling

If you have: Painful swollen feet- due to excess fluid build up Try this: Put feet up when possible, stretch legs frequently, wear wider shoes & don’t cross legs

If you have: Arch pain- due to fatigue as well as flattening of the arch Try this: Stretch daily- in the morning as well as before/after any exercise, don’t walk barefoot and wear supportive, low-heeled shoes

If you have: Ingrown toenails- due to tightly fitting shoes Try this: Wear wider shoes and don’t cut the nail repeatedly, it can cause it to worsen overtime

Generally the foot increases in size permanently, this is due to a hormone released called Relaxin, which allows the ligaments to become lax so the baby can pass through the birth canal. Of course increased foot size isn’t what you’re expecting from pregnancy, but we can say, it’s worth it!

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