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Peroneal Tendonitis vs Peroneal Tendonosis

Peroneal tendons are the tendons that run down the lateral (outside) aspect of the leg and ankle and then attach on the foot. There are two peroneal tendons, the longus and brevis.

These tendons are primarily responsible for eversion of the foot and can also assist in plantar flexion of the ankle.

These tendons can be damaged by inversion of the foot or by simple overuse. When there is inflammation around the tendon it is called tendonitis. Treatment for tendonitis is rest, ice, NSAIDS, bracing, orthotics, and physical therapy. It is possible for tendonitis to progress to tendonosis and/or partial or complete tendon ruptures. Tendonosis is when the inflammation progresses from around the tendon to within the tendon. The tendon itself becomes damaged which makes it susceptible to tears. If the tendon progresses to this point it usually will not respond to conservative measures and surgery is required.

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