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KeryFlex Nail Restoration

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Shenandoah Podiatry now offers KeryFlex – a nail restoration system which INSTANTLY improves the appearance of your nails. Call our office today to get your nails sandal ready!


  • Say Goodbye To Ugly Toenails!

  • Safe, pain free nail restoration in our office

  • Instant results in under 30 minutes

  • Call today to get your nails sandal ready

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What is KeryFlex?

A quick in-office cosmetic treatment of polymer resins applied to the nail to create a strong and flexible artificial nail.

After Keryflex is applied, when do I return for another application?

Usually you have 6-8 weeks between applications, but this time may vary.

Can I wear nail polish?

Yes! You can paint your nails and even use nail polish remover, it won’t harm the nail!

I haven’t been able to play sports because of my nail, will I be able to now?

Yes, you will be able to return to your usual exercise routine with your remodeled toenail!

How is KeryFlex different from nail salon products?

KeryFlex is designed specifically for toenails, where as the nail salon products are for finger nails. There is no chemical reaction taking place, we simply apply a resin that is cured with a UV light. Also, KeryFlex is flexible! As opposed to an artificial nail that doesn’t move with the rest of your toes as you walk.

Is KeryFlex covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, KeryFlex is not covered by insurance

How much does KeryFlex cost?

KeryFlex is $150 for the first toe and $10 for each additional toe