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Why are my toenails turning black?

There are a couple of different reasons why your toenails may be turning black. The most likely cause of black toenails is physical trauma experienced by your foot. If you dropped something heavy on your foot, it might result in discoloration from bleeding or a blood clot under the nail.

Another form of trauma that might not be as immediately evident is the kind that takes place within the shoes of long-distance runners. When toes repeatedly hit the fronts of running shoes, and particularly if nails are not trimmed properly, it can lead to black toenails.

Other causes include chronic ingrown nails, fungal infections, and even health problems that affect the rest of your body. Although this is quite rare, malignant melanoma is a possible explanation for a black toenail. This is an extremely serious medical condition, so it is important to have an expert diagnosis.

If you need further information, treatment for a painful nail, or want to be sure that your black toenail is not malignant, Shenandoah Podiatry is here for you. Contact our Roanoke, VA office by calling (540) 904-1458.

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