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What causes stress fractures?

Stress fractures are common overuse injuries we treat that are caused by repetitive application of force or stress. These often result in athletes from excessive running or jumping, especially in such sports as track and field, basketball, and cross country. In addition to sport-related causes, normal use of a bone weakened by osteoporosis can also lead to one of these hairline cracks happening.

Preventative measures include building up frequency, duration, and intensity of your workout program gradually rather than making sudden changes. You can also reduce your risk by cross-training with low-impact activities and getting proper amounts of calcium and nutrients in your daily diet.

When you feel pain in a specific location that worsens in time, and has no obvious point of origin, it is likely that you have suffered a stress fracture. These fractures are commonly found in the foot, ankle, or lower leg and you should make an appointment with our practice for a proper diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Contact Shenandoah Podiatry by calling (540) 904-1458 to reach our Roanoke, VA office or schedule an appointment online.

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