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Should I pop my blister?

If you have developed a blister that is not causing any issues, you should simply let it run its course. Eventually, the fluid inside will be reabsorbed by your body and the skin on the outside will dry up and fall off.

However, if you have developed a blister and live with diabetes, definitely do not attempt to pop it! Doing so creates a risk of infection that your immune system may not be equipped to effectively fight. Instead of popping blisters, a better course of action is to contact our office and let our foot professionals help you.

If you are otherwise healthy and the blister is causing pain or severe discomfort, you can consider popping it. When you take this route, be sure to sterilize the needle with alcohol, wash the surrounding area beforehand, treat the area with antibacterial ointment afterwards, keep the external flap of skin intact, and cover it loosely with a bandage.

When you need help with a troublesome blister, make an appointment with Shenandoah Podiatry and let the professionals handle it for you. Contact our Roanoke, VA office at (540) 904-1458 to schedule an appointment.

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