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Should children's flat feet be treated?

All babies are born with flat feet, but normally around age 6 an arch begins to develop. Sometimes, though, children’s feet stay flat and an arch never forms. This may never bother your child and in that case, there is no need for treatment. However if the condition causes pain, inhibits movement, and is keeping your little one from participating in activities, then treating flat feet becomes necessary to ease discomfort, as well as to prevent future foot problems.

Stretches can help to loosen a tight Achilles tendon, a common issue for those with this condition. There are also exercises to help strengthen the arch. When choosing shoes for your child, opt for a pair with plenty of support and cushion. You may even want to slip in a soft insert for added comfort.

For more information on treating flat feet in children, visit Shenandoah Podiatry. Dr. Jennifer Keller and Dr. Marshal Gwynn are happy to answer your questions and help your child get back to doing all the things that kids do! For an appointment, call (540) 808-4343 in Blacksburg, VA, or  (540) 904-1458 in Roanoke.

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