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Diabetic – Orthopedic Shoes

For these reasons, we have diabetic or orthopedic shoes available in both our Roanoke and Blacksburg offices. A diabetic shoe is defined as an extra depth shoe (especially in the toe box) to reduce pressure on the toes, as well as sized appropriately for width to reduce pressure on the inside and outside of the foot.

These shoes protect feet with deformities such as hammertoes, bunions, overlapping and benefits normal feet as well. The shoe material generally should have a construction to limit seams within the shoe, and should be durable to last one year’s worth of daily use. Inserts are made mostly of a material called plastazote which reduces pressure and shear forces. Medicare has defined the minimum thickness, or durometer, of this material and the use of anything less as inappropriate.

When the extra depth shoe and plastazote insert are combined, the likelihood of shoe-related pathology is significantly reduced.

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