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Find Answers From Our Roanoke Podiatrists About Your Foot and Ankle Pain...and About Our Practice!

We love to hear (and answer) your questions! Listed are some frequently asked questions we receive at office, as well as some answers to others that we think you may find very informative. Make sure to check out our blog as well, where you’ll find in-depth articles on common feet and ankle problems. 

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  • Can bunions be taken care of at home?

    Bunion treatment at home can be effective in relieving pain and preventing the deformity from becoming worse. There are various methods to try and reduce toe pain, some of which may work better for you than others. You might try applying ice to the joint for 10-20 minutes, being careful not to expose your skin to too much cold. Warm soaks, stretches, and non-prescription medication may also prove comforting.

    Perhaps the most helpful treatment is to wear proper shoes. Make sure they are roomy, have wide and deep toe boxes, and support your arch well. Keep heels low or flat, and avoid anything that places pressure on the big toe joint. Bunion pads and soft patches around pressure areas can also help.

    While you can find some relief at home, Dr. Jennifer Keller and the staff at Shenandoah Podiatry can perform a full evaluation of your condition and offer special treatments, including custom orthotics, which can take pressure away from your bunion and have your foot feeling even better. Schedule an appointment by calling our Roanoke, VA office at (540) 904-1458 or our Blacksburg office at (540) 808-4343.