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Find Answers From Our Roanoke Podiatrists About Your Foot and Ankle Pain...and About Our Practice!

We love to hear (and answer) your questions! Listed are some frequently asked questions we receive at office, as well as some answers to others that we think you may find very informative. Make sure to check out our blog as well, where you’ll find in-depth articles on common feet and ankle problems. 

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  • How can I prevent ingrown toenails?

    Proper grooming techniques go a long way when it comes to preventing ingrown toenails. Be sure to keep nails clean and trim them straight across, never following the curve. In addition, nails should be kept even with the tips of your toes—any shorter and pressure from your shoes could direct the nail to grow into the surrounding tissue. Shoes that are too tight or narrow can pinch toes as well and cause nails to become ingrown, so it is important to have well-fitting footwear, too.

    You can avoid this painful problem by following these tips. However, if despite your best efforts you suspect that your toenail is becoming ingrown, make an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Keller or Dr. Marshal Gwynn at Shenandoah Podiatry today. It is especially important to do so if you have diabetes, as an ingrown toenail can result in serious complications. To learn more or to schedule a visit, call (540) 904-1458 for our Roanoke, VA office, or (540) 808-4343 for our Blacksburg location. 

  • Will the procedure (ingrown/wart) be done during my first visit?

    We will try to do most procedures the same day as long as time permits and with ingrown nails as long as the patient has no heart condition, joint replacement or reason they need to be on an antibiotic prior to the procedure. In some cases we have sent an antibiotic to the patient’s pharmacy and scheduled them to come back later that same day after taking the antibiotic one hour prior to the procedure.