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Are pedicures bad for my toenails?

Everyone loves to pamper themselves once in a while, and pedicures are a popular way to do so. However, before heading to the salon you should take some precautions to avoid possible problems. Otherwise your pretty feet could wind up with some unsightly issues, like warts, athlete’s foot, and fungal nails.

Foot baths are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus. It’s important to make sure the salon you choose follows strict sterilizing techniques, not only for the baths, but also the tools. Take some time between appointments as well so that toenails can take a breather from being painted. If you can’t stand being without color, it’s best to choose a polish with healthy ingredients such as the Dr. Remedy line of nail polish we carry at Shenandoah Podiatry.

For more tips on avoiding the possible risks from a pedicure, or if you’d like to pick up some of our polish, just call  (540) 808-4343 in Blacksburg, VA, or call (540) 904-1458 in Roanoke. Dr. Jennifer Keller and Dr. Marshal Gwynn are happy to help keep your feet and nails healthy and looking good!

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